Moon Bounce - Drugs

Official Music Video for Moon Bounce's single "Drugs" on Grind Select Records.
Influenced by the Mock n Roll sleeve series, we attempted to re-create some of most weirdest and outrageous album covers we could dig from vinyl crates and the internet. A combo of handcrafting our own props, costumes, fonts and Moon Bounce's multiple character personalities, we take you on illustrative journey through our most favorite drug in the world... MUSIC!!!

Direction: Peter English
Animation & Art Direction: Raymo Ventura
Cinematography: Phil Bradshaw
Fabrication: Tamara Hahn, Lawrence Casimiro
Wardrobe: Jill Keys
Color: Greg Heller
Shoot Assistants: Emily Bucholz, Don Vincent Ortega
Tamarama Studios, llc. 2018